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Title: csharpimage Download
 Description: C example: image processing to realize the image texture and embossed effect, procedure calls to open the dialog box select the image file, to open the Bitmap images of the given variables, on the control display images, then the specified image locked into memory, the first pixel in the image are obtained the address of the data, use RGB values for statement rgbValues array assignment, use RGB values for the image pixel shading, unlock images from memory, call GetPixel method to obtain the color of the pixel, the absolute value of Abs function called, with SetPixel () method sets the pixel color...
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codesc.net\浮雕和纹理\Case02_13\Case02_13.csproj 3764 2008-06-06
codesc.net\浮雕和纹理\Case02_13\Form1.cs 4262 2015-08-03
codesc.net\浮雕和纹理\Case02_13\Form1.Designer.cs 6490 2008-06-06
codesc.net\浮雕和纹理\Case02_13\Form1.resx 6017 2008-06-06
codesc.net\浮雕和纹理\Case02_13\Program.cs 490 2008-06-06
codesc.net\浮雕和纹理\Case02_13\Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs 1374 2008-06-06
codesc.net\浮雕和纹理\Case02_13\Properties\Resources.Designer.cs 2868 2008-06-06
codesc.net\浮雕和纹理\Case02_13\Properties\Resources.resx 5612 2008-06-06
codesc.net\浮雕和纹理\Case02_13\Properties\Settings.Designer.cs 1094 2008-06-06
codesc.net\浮雕和纹理\Case02_13\Properties\Settings.settings 249 2008-06-06
codesc.net\浮雕和纹理\Case02_13.sln 917 2008-06-06
codesc.net\浮雕和纹理\Case02_13.suo 14336 2008-06-06
codesc.net\浮雕和纹理\Case02_13\Properties 0 2015-08-03
codesc.net\浮雕和纹理\Case02_13 0 2015-08-03
codesc.net\浮雕和纹理 0 2015-08-03
codesc.net 0 2015-08-03

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