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Title: chanpin Download
 Description: Simple print example source code, VB Access information management is a simple user information maintenance and management procedures, using basic VB database operation skills can achieve, is more of a database data to add, delete, modify, etc., in addition to the DataGrid class, according to the list of filling generates simple statements, and ultimately the print preview, print statements, Access database has been saved in the source root directory.
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srcfans.com\用户管理\chanpin.vbp 2375 2009-11-14
srcfans.com\用户管理\chanpin.vbw 199 2009-11-14
srcfans.com\用户管理\DataEnvironment.DCA 3915 2002-01-25
srcfans.com\用户管理\DataEnvironment.Dsr 2033 2017-08-25
srcfans.com\用户管理\datrep_yhjinkou.DCA 50642 2002-01-25
srcfans.com\用户管理\datrep_yhjinkou.Dsr 21649 2017-08-25
srcfans.com\用户管理\datrep_yhjinkou.dsx 30 2002-01-25
srcfans.com\用户管理\Module1.bas 794 2017-08-25
srcfans.com\用户管理\产品信息管理系统.mdb 559104 2009-11-14
srcfans.com\用户管理\用户管理.frm 47783 2017-08-25
srcfans.com\用户管理 0 2017-08-25
srcfans.com 0 2017-08-25

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