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Title: XPanimation Download
 Description: VB6 to write a copy of Windows splash screen effect of colour bar, shows a ribbons in the Windows startup, which simulate the effect of the progress bar, very realistic, beautiful beautiful, can be easily embedded into your VB application, the source code for open source for free.When using a splash screen in a program or the program logic processing, is pretty good.
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codesc.net\XPloginanimation\AlphaDibSection.cls 25816 2015-06-03
codesc.net\XPloginanimation\Login.frm 2035 2015-06-03
codesc.net\XPloginanimation\Login.frx 37712 2006-06-09
codesc.net\XPloginanimation\Login.vbp 1058 2015-06-03
codesc.net\XPloginanimation\Login.vbw 260 2015-06-03
codesc.net\XPloginanimation\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 190 2009-02-16
codesc.net\XPloginanimation\Progress.cls 3001 2015-06-03
codesc.net\XPloginanimation\Progress.ctl 5420 2015-06-03
codesc.net\XPloginanimation\Progress.ctx 1330 2006-06-09
codesc.net\XPloginanimation\Progress.res 2256 2006-06-09
codesc.net\XPloginanimation\Timer.bas 3202 2015-06-03
codesc.net\XPloginanimation\Timer.cls 2918 2015-06-03
codesc.net\XPloginanimation 0 2015-06-03
codesc.net 0 2015-06-03

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