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Title: 基于静态优化法的节点导纳矩阵形成 Download
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  • 2021-01-12
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 Description: n order to solve the network equation repeatedly, the admittance matrix is usually decomposed by trigonometry first, and then the forward and backward operations can be performed on different right-hand constant terms to obtain the solution of the network equation [1]. The admittance matrix is a sparse matrix with many zero elements [2]. The triangular matrix obtained by decomposition is also a sparse matrix. Generally, the distribution of non-zero elements of admittance matrix is different from that of triangular matrix after decomposition, because new non-zero elements, namely injection elements, will be generated in the process of elimination or decomposition.
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基于静态优化法的节点导纳矩阵形成.txt 3752 2021-01-12

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