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Title: (论文+simulink)模型 Download
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  • matlab
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  • 2021-01-12
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  • Yidi Chen
 Description: The direct torque control model of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is built according to the literature; Suitable for graduation design reference, also very suitable for novice learning; On the basis of this model, Kalman filter, predictive control, duty cycle and direct torque can be added according to our own research needs
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基于Simulin永磁同步电机直接转矩控制仿真建模(论文%2Bsimulink)模型 0 2019-12-23
基于Simulin永磁同步电机直接转矩控制仿真建模(论文%2Bsimulink)模型\DTC_newnew.slx 30462 2019-12-23
基于Simulin永磁同步电机直接转矩控制仿真建模(论文%2Bsimulink)模型\DTC_newnew.slx.r2012b 27153 2018-10-11
基于Simulin永磁同步电机直接转矩控制仿真建模(论文%2Bsimulink)模型\基于MATLAB_Simulin_省略_永磁同步电机直接转矩控制仿真建模_谢运祥.pdf 226384 2019-12-23
基于Simulin永磁同步电机直接转矩控制仿真建模(论文%2Bsimulink)模型\文字说明.txt 468 2018-11-10

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