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Title: php-sip_bxonj9 Download
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  • Other systems
  • Platform:
  • PHP
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  • 8192
  • Update:
  • 2021-01-12
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  • xyvlnthhq
 Description: A kind of script language to develop, it is a written in PHP scripting language, other v1.2 skyMVC framework, skyMVC is a lightweight, simple PHP MVC framework, draw lessons from the major framework design, adopted a lot of excellent function and class, skyMVC don't encourage the type development, pay more attention to give developers more thinking space, and study the good learning their good source
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php-sip.0.3.2\php-sip\example.php 519 2009-10-11
php-sip.0.3.2\php-sip\PhpSIP.class.php 28690 2009-11-25
php-sip.0.3.2\php-sip\PhpSIP.Exception.php 1492 2009-10-21
php-sip.0.3.2\php-sip\README 51 2009-10-11
php-sip.0.3.2\php-sip 0 2010-01-21
php-sip.0.3.2 0 2012-11-19
fileinfo.txt 101 2020-11-10
1306258050cab2e22323a8f0ac0f634b.txt 123 2020-11-10

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