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Title: flashFly Download
 Description: Inside the Flash leaves blowing leaves fell animation, altogether has three leaves of Flash animation, each are not identical, but is roughly same, the basic principle is to use movie clip, and the effect is the same as the snowflakes flying, but snowflakes flying will have a lot of small clips, general is to use script to generate or control, relative to the snow blowing effect, the petals fall down and, it is easier to fall, the leaves blowing leaves.
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codesc.net\落叶\3.fla 111616 2005-04-20
codesc.net\落叶\4.fla 112640 2005-04-20
codesc.net\落叶\flowerFly.fla 137216 2005-04-20
codesc.net\落叶\flowerFly.swf 64070 2015-06-16
codesc.net\落叶 0 2015-06-16
codesc.net 0 2015-06-16

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