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Title: 蝴蝶指标及教材 Download
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  • 2021-01-11
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  • 玲宝
 Description: Although this indicator looks very complicated, it is actually the golden section, Fibonacci and other things in essence, but foreigners have systematized it. Of course, any system indicators, as long as you are willing to work hard, seriously study, will always become their own unique skills. Xiaobian has heard that someone is particularly proficient in butterfly index, and has achieved stable profits. There are teaching materials in the index document, you can study them by yourself. But to remind you, you should pay attention to the red English on the system interface, which is an important reminder of the empty form. Baidu translation does not understand English.
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蝴蝶指标及教材 0 2016-07-03
蝴蝶指标及教材\和谐的交易者(高清版).pdf 6304537 2013-06-26
蝴蝶指标及教材\汇市蝴蝶原理实战分析讲解.doc 6656843 2013-06-26
蝴蝶指标及教材\红色蝴蝶.ex4 526752 2012-11-16
蝴蝶指标及教材\红色蝴蝶tpl.tpl 23184 2016-07-03

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