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Title: delphitxtoutput Download
 Description: Delphi output TXT text file content, open a TXT text files, can output the contents of the file, in fact is to add the file, and then read the file content, finally is displayed, code: procedure TForm1. Button1Click (Sender: TObject);Var f: Textfile;S: a string;Begin the if Edit1. Text < > '. Then begin Memo1 Lines. The Clear;AssignFile (f, Trim (Edit1. Text));Reset (f);While not eof (f) do the begin Readln (f, S);Memo1. Lines. The Add (s);The end;Closefile (f);The end;The end;
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srcfans.com\Delphi 输出TXT文本文件内容\foo.txt 76 2007-01-13
srcfans.com\Delphi 输出TXT文本文件内容\Project1.cfg 434 2007-01-13
srcfans.com\Delphi 输出TXT文本文件内容\Project1.dof 2014 2007-01-13
srcfans.com\Delphi 输出TXT文本文件内容\Project1.dpr 188 2007-01-13
srcfans.com\Delphi 输出TXT文本文件内容\Project1.res 876 2007-01-13
srcfans.com\Delphi 输出TXT文本文件内容\Unit1.dcu 4994 2017-10-14
srcfans.com\Delphi 输出TXT文本文件内容\Unit1.ddp 51 2007-05-30
srcfans.com\Delphi 输出TXT文本文件内容\Unit1.dfm 1026 2007-04-10
srcfans.com\Delphi 输出TXT文本文件内容\Unit1.pas 1069 2017-10-14
srcfans.com\Delphi 输出TXT文本文件内容 0 2017-10-14
srcfans.com 0 2017-10-14

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