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Title: VSMacros80 Download
 Description: DDE conversations are established by specifying a service name and topic name pair. The service name is usually the name of the application acting as a DDE server. A DDE server can respond to multiple service names, but most servers usually only respond to one. The topic name is a logical context for data and is defined by the server application. A server can and usually does support many topic names. </p>
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VSMacros80 0 2010-12-29
VSMacros80\MyMacros 0 2010-12-29
VSMacros80\MyMacros\MyMacros.vsmacros 68608 2009-03-18
VSMacros80\Samples 0 2010-12-29
VSMacros80\Samples\Samples.vsmacros 749568 2005-09-23

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