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Title: vbsplitfile Download
 Description: VB file segmentation and merging functions, judge selection unit, calculation length, if the "Settings" TAB, select the delete the source file after the "split", execute the following code, to delete the source file, open in read-only mode of binary file segmentation, only write binary way open after synthesis the target file, the file program can be set up each time the lot file size, the custom functions, and strong extensibility.
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codesc.net\文件分割器\Form1.frm 13267 2008-12-27
codesc.net\文件分割器\Form1.frx 123 2008-12-27
codesc.net\文件分割器\Modpath.bas 1250 2008-10-10
codesc.net\文件分割器\Module1.bas 5411 2008-12-27
codesc.net\文件分割器\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 190 2008-10-10
codesc.net\文件分割器\工程1.vbp 833 2008-12-27
codesc.net\文件分割器\工程1.vbw 112 2009-03-25
codesc.net\文件分割器\文件分割合成.exe 45056 2009-03-25
codesc.net\文件分割器 0 2013-12-04
codesc.net 0 2015-07-28

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