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Title: css3-checkbox-radiobox Download
 Description: HTML 5 CSS 3 implementation of small circle radio and switch the checkbox special code style, this small circle type radio button and switch type checkbox believe that everyone has seen before, now very popular a kind of effect, especially in all kinds of smart phones are more common.This example USES CSS 3 jquery and custom JS library implement this beautiful radio in HTML web page and check box, to make your web page graces many, you may refer to specific usage effect of the demo page, there is a call of each file example.
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srcfans.com\css3-styled-checkbox-radiobox\css\normalize.css 1937 2014-04-28
srcfans.com\css3-styled-checkbox-radiobox\css\style.css 7438 2014-04-28
srcfans.com\css3-styled-checkbox-radiobox\index.html 10207 2017-07-30
srcfans.com\css3-styled-checkbox-radiobox\js\index.js 3230 2014-04-28
srcfans.com\css3-styled-checkbox-radiobox\js\jquery.js 97267 2014-04-28
srcfans.com\css3-styled-checkbox-radiobox\js\modernizr.js 15249 2014-04-28
srcfans.com\css3-styled-checkbox-radiobox\js\prefixfree.min.js 6009 2014-04-28
srcfans.com\css3-styled-checkbox-radiobox\less\style.less 7751 2014-04-28
srcfans.com\css3-styled-checkbox-radiobox\css 0 2017-07-30
srcfans.com\css3-styled-checkbox-radiobox\js 0 2017-07-30
srcfans.com\css3-styled-checkbox-radiobox\less 0 2017-07-30
srcfans.com\css3-styled-checkbox-radiobox 0 2017-07-30
srcfans.com 0 2017-07-30

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