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 Description: Delphi according to the user to enter a judgment whether to pass the exam grades, this seems to have nothing to do with the database, is a character judgment procedures, according to the input you judge whether more than a certain value, more than words shows the results for "pass", "fail" conversely, seemed very simple.
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srcfans.com\成绩判断\112.bmp 251838 2004-12-18
srcfans.com\成绩判断\Project2.cfg 434 2004-12-15
srcfans.com\成绩判断\Project2.dof 2014 2004-12-15
srcfans.com\成绩判断\Project2.dpr 188 2004-12-15
srcfans.com\成绩判断\Project2.res 876 2004-12-15
srcfans.com\成绩判断\Unit1.dcu 4511 2004-12-15
srcfans.com\成绩判断\Unit1.dfm 1912 2004-12-15
srcfans.com\成绩判断\Unit1.pas 982 2004-12-15
srcfans.com\成绩判断 0 2017-03-03
srcfans.com 0 2017-03-03

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