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Title: vbmouseclick Download
 Description: VB development of the game click - automatically click of the mouse, and also the function of a magnifying glass, when writing plugins game of the more important a small module, used to write program, automatically click of the mouse is to imitate the crystal love automatically click of the mouse in the interface, and images.Online games or RPG game often need a lot of the click of a mouse in a row, this software can free your hands, let the computer help you click!Click speed controlled by you, easy to use.
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codesc.net\vb6游戏专用鼠标自动点击器\ReadMe.txt 216 2015-12-03
codesc.net\vb6游戏专用鼠标自动点击器\鼠标自动点击器\BForm.ctl 9548 2015-12-03
codesc.net\vb6游戏专用鼠标自动点击器\鼠标自动点击器\BForm.ctx 12642 2004-07-11
codesc.net\vb6游戏专用鼠标自动点击器\鼠标自动点击器\Form1.frm 14631 2015-12-03
codesc.net\vb6游戏专用鼠标自动点击器\鼠标自动点击器\Form1.frx 16971 2008-12-19
codesc.net\vb6游戏专用鼠标自动点击器\鼠标自动点击器\Form2.frm 4778 2015-12-03
codesc.net\vb6游戏专用鼠标自动点击器\鼠标自动点击器\Form2.frx 623 2009-05-31
codesc.net\vb6游戏专用鼠标自动点击器\鼠标自动点击器\Module1.bas 4231 2015-12-03
codesc.net\vb6游戏专用鼠标自动点击器\鼠标自动点击器\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 199 2009-05-31
codesc.net\vb6游戏专用鼠标自动点击器\鼠标自动点击器\鼠标自动点击器.vbp 751 2009-05-31
codesc.net\vb6游戏专用鼠标自动点击器\鼠标自动点击器\鼠标自动点击器.vbw 183 2009-05-31
codesc.net\vb6游戏专用鼠标自动点击器\鼠标自动点击器 0 2015-12-03
codesc.net\vb6游戏专用鼠标自动点击器 0 2015-12-03
codesc.net 0 2015-12-03

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