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Title: QDPSK通信系统 Download
 Description: Generate digital baseband signal, add AWGN Gaussian white noise to transmit in the channel, detect the original baseband signal, draw theoretical and simulation error rate curve, QPSK modulation simulation and analysis, use matlab simulation to realize QPSK coherent modulation and demodulation, draw error rate curve through AWGN channel
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QDPSK通信系统\QDPSK_system_main.m 2027 2021-01-05
QDPSK通信系统\Qfunct.m 58 2020-12-29
QDPSK通信系统\cm_dpske3.m 668 2021-01-05
QDPSK通信系统\gausamp.m 50 2020-12-29
QDPSK通信系统\snr2ps3.m 1459 2021-01-05
QDPSK通信系统 0 2021-01-05

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