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Title: 数字基带传输模型(单极性归零码) Download
 Description: The digital baseband signal is generated and transmitted in the channel with AWGN white Gaussian noise. The original baseband signal is detected and the theoretical and simulation BER curves are drawn
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数字基带传输模型(单极性归零码)\Qfunct.m 58 2020-12-29
数字基带传输模型(单极性归零码)\gausamp.m 50 2020-12-29
数字基带传输模型(单极性归零码)\shuzijidai_system_main.m 633 2021-01-05
数字基带传输模型(单极性归零码)\snr2ps5_11_2.m 1050 2021-01-05
数字基带传输模型(单极性归零码) 0 2021-01-05

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