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Title: 2DPSK传输系统(相干解调) Download
 Description: 2ASK coherent demodulation and error analysis, including baseband waveform generation, DPSK modulation and demodulation waveform, error rate calculation, and drawing error rate curves under different SNR
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2DPSK传输系统(相干解调)\DPSK2_system_main.m 548 2021-01-05
2DPSK传输系统(相干解调)\Qfunct.m 58 2020-12-29
2DPSK传输系统(相干解调)\cm_dpske2.m 550 2021-01-05
2DPSK传输系统(相干解调)\gausamp.m 50 2020-12-29
2DPSK传输系统(相干解调)\snr2ps2.m 977 2021-01-05
2DPSK传输系统(相干解调) 0 2021-01-05

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