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Title: heddinid Download
 Description: Delphi method to realize the pseudo hidden process and demo source code, can be specified process in the task bar to hide or custom 5 seconds, hidden ids can't see in the Windows task manager after this process, after hiding with Ctrl Alt Del also can't see this procedure.After the test, can press "back" button to the display of the recovery process.Write the program, used methods are: GetCurrentProcessID, Timer, etc.
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srcfans.com\进程伪隐藏\Project1.cfg 386 2002-08-05
srcfans.com\进程伪隐藏\Project1.dof 982 2002-08-05
srcfans.com\进程伪隐藏\Project1.dpr 188 2002-08-05
srcfans.com\进程伪隐藏\Project1.res 876 2002-08-05
srcfans.com\进程伪隐藏\Unit1.dcu 4608 2010-06-29
srcfans.com\进程伪隐藏\Unit1.ddp 51 2002-11-29
srcfans.com\进程伪隐藏\Unit1.dfm 1215 2002-11-29
srcfans.com\进程伪隐藏\Unit1.pas 1198 2016-12-16
srcfans.com\进程伪隐藏 0 2016-12-16
srcfans.com 0 2016-12-16

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