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Title: 均线回调 Download
 Description: Share a [moving average callback -EA] that I am actually using Loading period: 5 minutes Loading instructions: the default parameter is 0.01 to run, and I will run myself at 5000. Loading currency pairs: the billing conditions are strict, and it is recommended to load 28 currency pairs GBPNZD GBPCAD GBPAUD EURNZD EURAUD GBPUSD EURCAD EURUSD NZDUSD AUDUSD
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均线回调\★EA使用方法%2B历史回测方法(1).doc 481892 2020-12-03
均线回调\均线回调.ex4 55858 2020-12-03
均线回调 0 2020-12-03

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