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Title: 趋势震荡稳定盈利EA Download
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  • C/C++
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  • 2020-12-05
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  • 航天云
 Description: The reason why EA says stability lies in the control of risks. Stability is relatively speaking. In the foreign exchange market, there are many well-known investment banks and outstanding analysts who can roughly give the market direction. If this EA turns on the price function switch, it is to adapt to the more volatile unilateral market. Through the history, we can find that the trend band Market in the daily chart is very strong Many, this EA can set the following functions: the order of increasing position, the distance of adding position, the risk control, the maximum stop loss, and the cost profit points after adding the position. If we don't turn on the price function, we can also use the moving average to study and judge the trend direction, as well as the processing parameters after the reverse crossing of the moving average. The specific use of you also need to adjust the parameters according to their own bin, the EA parameters set to Chinese is simple and easy to use.
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