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Title: Simulink仿真 Download
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  • matlab
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  • matlab
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  • 2020-11-21
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  • 楊建宾
 Description: Simulink simulation and application, detailed explanation of the simulation mode of Simulink in MATLAB, through a case study can master the use of Simulink. It can be used in the process of graduation project.
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基于MATLAB Simulink的系统仿真技术与应用 薛定宇编\Read Me.url 333 2014-05-17
基于MATLAB Simulink的系统仿真技术与应用 薛定宇编\基于MATLAB Simulink的系统仿真技术与应用 薛定宇编.pdf 35785615 2014-10-11
基于MATLAB Simulink的系统仿真技术与应用 薛定宇编 0 2014-10-11

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