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  • 2020-11-21
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 Description: Lone star cloud is a host sales IDC established in 2020, our goal is to let users rest assured! Among them, the services provided by Longxian host include free space, stable U.S. host without filing, Hong Kong cn2 second solution host, one yuan host, and advanced defense (50g DDoS) space. In 2020, in order to provide better services to users, we opened the lone star cloud host, which means "this is a new starting point". At the same time, we stopped the new user registration of LANGXIAN host. Believe in lone star cloud host can have a better experience! We provide high security and stable U.S. host space and sponsor host space, and we will gradually add stable space such as Hong Kong in the future. Lone Star Cloud host is still a long-term stability is a kind of trust as the development, time slowly proved! Swapidc website: idc.guxingidc.cn Snowflake website: xue.guxingidc.cn EP address: ep.guxingidc.cn
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api 0 2019-06-03
api\demo.py 1589 2019-06-03
api\发件接口使用文档.docx 12672 2020-04-09

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