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 Description: ARMA - Autoregressive Moving Average Model (ARMA)It is an important method to study time series, which is composed of autoregressive model (AR model) and moving average model (MA model) based on "mixing".In the market research, it is often used for long-term tracking data research. For example, Panel research is used for the study of the change of consumption behavior pattern.In retail research, used to predict sales volume, market size, etc., with seasonal variations.
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~791792259ARMA_Analysis\ex09061.m 1951 2006-08-02
~791792259ARMA_Analysis\out09061.txt 463 2020-11-18
~791792259ARMA_Analysis\www.pudn.com.txt 218 2007-06-05
~791792259ARMA_Analysis\x09051.txt 10762 2006-07-28
~791792259ARMA_Analysis\~$RMA分析法.doc 162 2020-11-18
~791792259ARMA_Analysis 0 2020-11-18

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