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Title: swfping Download
 Description: Flash image switching source code, based on flash XML make widescreen movie effect pictures show, the set off of the background of flash widescreen display more vivid, a larger control button can control switch, and the bottom right hand corner picture is large, put several pictures when testing a bit small, effect is not perfect, with large pictures you are looking for is perfect.
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codesc.net\电影宽屏Flash图片展示程序\bgInfo.xml 328 2008-07-04
codesc.net\电影宽屏Flash图片展示程序\images\img1.jpg 124318 2014-07-17
codesc.net\电影宽屏Flash图片展示程序\images\img2.jpg 42632 2014-07-17
codesc.net\电影宽屏Flash图片展示程序\images\img3.jpg 64525 2014-07-17
codesc.net\电影宽屏Flash图片展示程序\images\img4.jpg 53503 2014-07-17
codesc.net\电影宽屏Flash图片展示程序\images\img5.jpg 60745 2014-07-17
codesc.net\电影宽屏Flash图片展示程序\images\img6.jpg 79269 2014-07-17
codesc.net\电影宽屏Flash图片展示程序\index.htm 806 2014-08-05
codesc.net\电影宽屏Flash图片展示程序\pic.fla 251392 2008-07-04
codesc.net\电影宽屏Flash图片展示程序\pic.swf 93351 2008-07-04
codesc.net\电影宽屏Flash图片展示程序\images 0 2014-08-05
codesc.net\电影宽屏Flash图片展示程序 0 2014-08-05
codesc.net 0 2014-08-05

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