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Title: flashyunj Download
 Description: Flash images automatically broadcast show, and a simple use of Flash XML image switching effect, easy to update and put the pictures in the image directory, and then modify the XML file, remember the picture size to be processed into a Flash for senior colonel sample effect, see screenshot.This Flash pictures show support for up to five pictures taken.
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codesc.net\圆角Flash图片展示\images\01.jpg 124318 2014-07-17
codesc.net\圆角Flash图片展示\images\02.jpg 42632 2014-07-17
codesc.net\圆角Flash图片展示\images\03.jpg 64525 2014-07-17
codesc.net\圆角Flash图片展示\images\04.jpg 53503 2014-07-17
codesc.net\圆角Flash图片展示\images\05.jpg 60745 2014-07-17
codesc.net\圆角Flash图片展示\images\06.jpg 79269 2014-07-17
codesc.net\圆角Flash图片展示\index.htm 800 2014-08-05
codesc.net\圆角Flash图片展示\scroll.fla 82944 2008-07-04
codesc.net\圆角Flash图片展示\scroll.swf 7566 2008-07-04
codesc.net\圆角Flash图片展示\top2.xml 487 2014-08-05
codesc.net\圆角Flash图片展示\images 0 2014-08-05
codesc.net\圆角Flash图片展示 0 2014-08-05
codesc.net 0 2014-08-05

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