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Title: flashiy Download
 Description: Switch a flash slideshow picture scroll effect, very suitable for film and television station, the left side of the display content, mouse switch immediately after put on the right side of the big picture with display, of course, the big picture of the bottom right hand corner can also control switch images, a button control keys.Switch used in the process of rolling effect picture.
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codesc.net\当当网影视焦点图代码\images\01.jpg 37856 2014-08-04
codesc.net\当当网影视焦点图代码\images\02.jpg 27101 2010-07-15
codesc.net\当当网影视焦点图代码\images\03.jpg 58666 2014-08-04
codesc.net\当当网影视焦点图代码\images\04.jpg 40359 2014-08-04
codesc.net\当当网影视焦点图代码\images\05.jpg 63162 2014-08-04
codesc.net\当当网影视焦点图代码\index.html 862 2010-10-30
codesc.net\当当网影视焦点图代码\js\main.js 11846 2014-08-04
codesc.net\当当网影视焦点图代码\MovieTopBanner.ashx 539 2014-08-04
codesc.net\当当网影视焦点图代码\topbanner.swf 3100 2010-07-15
codesc.net\当当网影视焦点图代码\images 0 2014-08-04
codesc.net\当当网影视焦点图代码\js 0 2014-08-04
codesc.net\当当网影视焦点图代码 0 2014-08-04
codesc.net 0 2014-08-04

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