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Title: runamenu Download
 Description: Js rotary navigation menus, r radius, deviation of the dv, w image width, x menu abscissa and ordinate y menu, pn menu graphics, when the image rotation to the front of the circle, to the current picture mobile abscissa, sine value corresponding to the negative radian, the image rotation to the back of the round, was introduced into the current abscissa moving images, the mouse to click the menu to speed up the transfer to. Making steps:
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codesc.net\炫丽的旋转导航菜单\imgs\img1.png 10224 2008-08-21
codesc.net\炫丽的旋转导航菜单\imgs\img2.png 16068 2008-08-21
codesc.net\炫丽的旋转导航菜单\imgs\img3.png 12551 2008-08-21
codesc.net\炫丽的旋转导航菜单\imgs\img4.png 15076 2008-08-21
codesc.net\炫丽的旋转导航菜单\imgs\img5.png 14169 2008-08-21
codesc.net\炫丽的旋转导航菜单\imgs\img6.png 12426 2008-08-21
codesc.net\炫丽的旋转导航菜单\imgs\img7.png 16792 2008-08-21
codesc.net\炫丽的旋转导航菜单\imgs\img8.png 16933 2008-08-21
codesc.net\炫丽的旋转导航菜单\imgs\img9.png 18055 2008-08-21
codesc.net\炫丽的旋转导航菜单\round.doc 71680 2008-08-25
codesc.net\炫丽的旋转导航菜单\round.html 2935 2014-08-04
codesc.net\炫丽的旋转导航菜单\roundCode.txt 2937 2008-08-25
codesc.net\炫丽的旋转导航菜单\imgs 0 2014-08-04
codesc.net\炫丽的旋转导航菜单 0 2014-08-04
codesc.net 0 2014-08-04

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