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Title: FileManagerApp Download
 Description: C copy write similar to Windows explorer, relatively coarse interface wrote some, not too much to optimize the interface, the program can automatically enumerate all the content of the disk system, each folder in a tree on the left, the right side of the display on the left side of the corresponding directory file contents, window cutting display, suitable for beginners to learn C.
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srcfans.com\FileManagerApp\FileManagerApp\App.ico 1078 2003-08-09
srcfans.com\FileManagerApp\FileManagerApp\AssemblyInfo.cs 1881 2017-07-21
srcfans.com\FileManagerApp\FileManagerApp\FileManagerApp.csproj 5316 2003-08-09
srcfans.com\FileManagerApp\FileManagerApp\FileManagerApp.csproj.user 1774 2003-08-09
srcfans.com\FileManagerApp\FileManagerApp\FileManagerApp.sln 924 2003-08-09
srcfans.com\FileManagerApp\FileManagerApp\FileManagerApp.suo 7168 2003-08-09
srcfans.com\FileManagerApp\FileManagerApp\Form1.cs 9307 2017-07-21
srcfans.com\FileManagerApp\FileManagerApp\Form1.resx 5503 2003-08-09
srcfans.com\FileManagerApp\FileManagerApp1.jpg 11476 2003-08-09
srcfans.com\FileManagerApp\FileManagerApp2.jpg 29572 2003-08-09
srcfans.com\FileManagerApp\FileManagerApp 0 2012-08-15
srcfans.com\FileManagerApp 0 2017-07-21
srcfans.com 0 2017-07-21

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