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Title: skmontor Download
 Description: A very compact VC modify the registry to use monitoring tools, can be used to detect whether the contents of the registry has been changed, and can be set up from modification of content, there are many features, please see the screenshot.It was written for Windows, including driver code, now open source code, to understand the Windows registry is a very good reference procedures, worth a look.
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codesc.net\注册表监控程序 for 2000(含驱动源代码)\skmontor\PSAPI.DLL 17680 1998-08-06
codesc.net\注册表监控程序 for 2000(含驱动源代码)\skmontor\SnakeMon.sys 29128 2000-10-24
codesc.net\注册表监控程序 for 2000(含驱动源代码)\skmontor\TestSkMon.exe 36864 2000-10-24
codesc.net\注册表监控程序 for 2000(含驱动源代码)\skmontor.zip 29604 2002-03-04
codesc.net\注册表监控程序 for 2000(含驱动源代码)\skmontor_nt4_src.zip 17128 2002-03-04
codesc.net\注册表监控程序 for 2000(含驱动源代码)\testskmon_src.zip 25740 2002-03-04
codesc.net\注册表监控程序 for 2000(含驱动源代码)\skmontor 0 2014-07-18
codesc.net\注册表监控程序 for 2000(含驱动源代码) 0 2014-07-18
codesc.net 0 2014-07-18

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