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Title: 神反转 Download
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  • AI-NN-PR
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  • Visual C++
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  • 2020-11-03
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  • like8
 Description: Monthly profit of 100%, large and small funds can run, single success rate is very high Opening conditions: the opening condition of the first order is the position of 50 points away from the 144 average under the current time frame (default, can be set manually). If it is below the default moving average, it is long; if it is above the default period, it is short.
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神反转 0 2020-11-01
神反转\StrategyTester.gif 7926 2020-11-01
神反转\StrategyTester.htm 210738 2020-11-01
神反转\加载说明.txt 414 2020-11-01
神反转\神反转1.3.ex4 43304 2020-11-01

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