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Title: RSI Xard trading外汇交易系统 Download
 Description: RSI xard trading system RSI with slope foreign exchange trading system strategy: A. Trading rules 1. Long time: Fisher_ The yur4ik index is green above the 0 axis, Renko street_ The channel index has green circle for long indication, the moving average is in multi head arrangement, RSI_ The histogram index is above the 0 axis. 2. Short time: Fisher_ The yur4ik index is red below the 0 axis, Renko street_ Channel index has red circle short indication, moving average is short, RSI_ The histogram index is below the 0 axis.
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MQL4 0 2018-08-02
MQL4\Experts 0 2018-08-04
MQL4\Indicators 0 2019-08-10
MQL4\Indicators\!!!-MT4 X-AARZZ.ex4 32050 2016-09-07
MQL4\Indicators\!!!-MT4 X-DASH.ex4 12668 2019-08-10
MQL4\Indicators\!!!-MT4 X-HA SWAlert.ex4 13260 2016-09-22
MQL4\Indicators\!!!-MT4 X-II-SUPDEM.ex4 59826 2016-09-22
MQL4\Indicators\!!!-MT4 X-MMATH.ex4 78358 2016-09-19
MQL4\Indicators\!!!-MT4 X-RSI ARROW X.ex4 20976 2016-09-22
MQL4\Indicators\!!!-MT4 X-SEMA4 NRP.ex4 118794 2016-09-19
MQL4\Indicators\!!!-MT4 X-TFx.ex4 15716 2016-09-11
MQL4\Indicators\!!!-MT4 X-XARDFX21.ex4 118844 2016-09-22
MQL4\Libraries 0 2016-06-23
templates 0 2019-08-10
templates\RSI Xard trading外汇交易系统.tpl 40654 2019-08-10

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