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Title: B级-Quiz 3 Download
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  • SCM
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  • C/C++
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  • 2020-10-14
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  • dengliyi
 Description: The process of asking a computer to solve a problem on its behalf, specifying a certain mode of operation for a computing system, making the computing system run in accordance with the calculation method, and finally obtaining the corresponding result.In order for the computer to understand man's intention, man must tell the computer the idea, method and means of the problem to be solved in a form that can be understood by the computer, so that the computer can work step by step according to man's instruction and complete a specific task
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B级-Quiz 3 0 2019-10-22
B级-Quiz 3\03-Unit 03.mp3 10464176 2016-02-14
B级-Quiz 3\Keys to Quiz 3.pptx 707881 2019-10-22
B级-Quiz 3\Script.docx 21518 2019-10-22

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