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Title: acrossChannel Download
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  • Communication
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  • matlab
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  • 2020-10-13
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  • pdzzz
 Description: Generate a random sequence with values of 0 and 1, with a length of 2000, BPSK modulation, and transmission through a channel with an impulse response of h[1,0.8,0.3]. The channel Gaussian white noise is 20dB, the output is equalized by the LMS algorithm, and the equalizer taps The number is 8, the step size is 0.03, and the training sequence length is 200. Draw a constellation diagram to show the ideal signal, equalizer input signal, and equalizer output signal. Draw the statistical average convergence curve of the instantaneous error square of the 20 repeated experiments. Change the step length and the number of taps of the LMS algorithm, observe any changes in the instantaneous mean square convergence curve, and analyze the influence of the step factor and the number of taps on the performance of the LMS algorithm.
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