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Title: Java成绩管理系统 Download
 Description: //Room information: class type (economy, standard room, luxury, single room, double room, three room), the number of remaining rooms //Employee information: Floor Manager, room foreman, room manager, etc //Function: //1) Check in: room number, guest name, check-in time, check-in period, deposit, daily rent, room grade, single / double / triple room) //2) Given the employee's name, display the information of the floor room managed by the employee (economy, standard room, luxury, single / double / triple room occupancy (including free / occupied / occupied guest name) //3) Given the guest's name, show the check-in status (room number, name, deposit paid, occupancy fee accumulation, check-in settlement) //4) Given the room number, modify the deposit number (add the number and the previous number) //5) According to a certain type of rooms (economy, standard room, luxury, single room, double room, three room) number of high and low
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GradeProject 0 2020-10-14
GradeProject\.classpath 232 2020-10-14
GradeProject\.project 388 2020-10-14
GradeProject\bin 0 2020-10-14
GradeProject\bin\File.class 1785 2020-10-14
GradeProject\bin\Grade.class 1584 2020-10-14
GradeProject\bin\Main.class 9756 2020-10-14
GradeProject\bin\User.class 1399 2020-10-14
GradeProject\grade.txt 336 2020-10-14
GradeProject\src 0 2020-10-14
GradeProject\src\File.java 978 2020-10-14
GradeProject\src\Grade.java 1035 2020-10-14
GradeProject\src\Main.java 11200 2020-10-14
GradeProject\src\User.java 892 2020-10-14
GradeProject\user.txt 147 2020-10-14
程序说明.txt 451 2020-10-14
课程设计报告.doc 393216 2020-10-14

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