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Title: PX4FMUv2.4.6 PIX源代码,原理图 Download
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  • 2020-10-16
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  • seco_li
 Description: This article will start from scratch to explain the Px4 project related to the source code content, hoping to use this to open source Px4 (pixhawk) this open source flight control. To get started with Px4 source code, you should start with the following two softwares: 1. Px4 toolchain, as can be seen from the name, is a software tool set of Px4 project, which integrates Px4 debugging console, compilation environment (eclipse), driver, etc 2. Git tool, which is a special tool for downloading source code from GitHub website. GitHub is a foreign website dedicated to publishing open source code. You can find a lot of open source projects on it. Of course, the source code of pixhawk project is also published on it, so we must install a git tool in the computer to obtain the source code of pixhawk
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PIX源代码,原理图\Firmware-master.zip 5976448 2017-04-15
PIX源代码,原理图\PX4FMUv2.4.6.sch 1013532 2016-11-15
PIX源代码,原理图\PX4、PIXhawk(PIXRaptor)编译环境的建立及源码的下载编译.doc 812032 2017-04-15
PIX源代码,原理图\sch原理图文件用EAGLE软件打开.txt 0 2017-06-13
PIX源代码,原理图 0 2017-06-13

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