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Title: 小波模极大值程序 Download
 Description: Wavelet modal maximum source code, can be used for wavelet noise reduction or wavelet modal parameter identification
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小波模极大值程序 0 2007-05-01
小波模极大值程序\exa130301.m 1586 2004-01-29
小波模极大值程序\P_gama.m 369 2003-12-03
小波模极大值程序\P_y.m 835 2003-12-03
小波模极大值程序\Py_Pgama.m 894 2003-12-03
小波模极大值程序\wave_peak.m 1343 2003-12-03
小波模极大值程序\模极大值程序.txt 855 2007-05-01

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