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Title: 肤色分割 Download
 Description: Change color image from RGB color space to YCBCR color space
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利用YCrCb来探测皮肤区域.txt 1496 2007-05-02
边界提取.txt 145 2007-05-15
膨胀与腐蚀腐蚀.txt 114 2007-05-15
肤色分割的MATLAB 代码\利用YCrCb来探测皮肤区域.txt 1496 2007-05-02
肤色分割的MATLAB 代码\边界提取.txt 145 2007-05-15
肤色分割的MATLAB 代码\膨胀与腐蚀腐蚀.txt 114 2007-05-15
肤色分割的MATLAB 代码\新建 文本文档.txt 43 2008-03-20
肤色分割的MATLAB 代码 0 2008-03-20

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