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Title: SFLA Download
 Description: Frog jump basic procedure. For n-dimensional function optimization, the ith frog can be expressed as P(I)=(P1i,P2i...,PNi), in descending order according to the size of each frog's fitness (position).
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SFLA\func_plot.m 2245 2020-08-29
SFLA\Get_Functions_details.m 6278 2020-08-29
SFLA\IsInRange.m 487 2015-08-28
SFLA\main.m 1981 2020-08-29
SFLA\RandSample.m 681 2015-08-28
SFLA\RunFLA.m 3258 2015-08-28
SFLA\sfla.asv 2780 2020-08-29
SFLA\sfla.m 2816 2020-08-29
SFLA\SortPopulation.m 635 2015-08-28

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