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Title: FLICM图像分割算法 Download
 Description: Fgfcm algorithm is an image segmentation algorithm based on local spatial information histogram fuzzy clustering, from the paper "fast and robust fuzzy c-means clustering algorithms incorporating local information for image segmentation", pattern recognition 40, 2007, 825-838, Doi: 10.1016/j.patcog.2006.07.011, written in MATLAB r2018b. Because of the need for iteration, only one layer of for loop is used. The other parts are programmed by vectorization. The four segmented 256x256 grayscale image is less than 0.5 seconds, which is very fast.
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FLICM图像分割算法 0 2020-10-10
FLICM图像分割算法\colorspace.m 13703 2018-01-29
FLICM图像分割算法\FLICM.asv 3404 2020-10-10
FLICM图像分割算法\FLICM.m 3422 2020-10-10
FLICM图像分割算法\Label_image.m 1175 2020-09-12
FLICM图像分割算法\sy2.bmp 66614 2016-12-22

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