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  • 2020-09-14
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 Description: Based on HTML input form, the implementation of the kernel by jquery. Label_better. Js, jquery. Label_better. Min. Js implementation, when the mouse on the form input box will show the tooltip, float has dynamic effect, had better be in when the test under the Chrome browser firefox.
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codesc.net\jQuery人性化表单标签动态提示插件Label Better\index.html 6137 2013-12-19
codesc.net\jQuery人性化表单标签动态提示插件Label Better\js\jquery.label_better.js 5771 2014-02-20
codesc.net\jQuery人性化表单标签动态提示插件Label Better\js\jquery.label_better.min.js 3196 2013-12-04
codesc.net\jQuery人性化表单标签动态提示插件Label Better\js 0 2015-05-26
codesc.net\jQuery人性化表单标签动态提示插件Label Better 0 2015-05-26
codesc.net 0 2015-05-26

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