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  • 2020-09-14
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 Description: Java network reader, RSS subscription to client, based on XML technology to realize the mathematical sciences, tsinghua university, the number of 32 classes, Wang Yuantao writing development.The original program name: RSS parser, program realization of functions: simple and quickly see online RSS resource, support RSS versions.You can add, delete, RSS, update it all channels.Specific instructions: interactive part on the left side of the tree, click choose - the status bar shows the URL for the RSS, right-click pop-up - the object method.
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codesc.net\rss11\src\crimson.jar 205045 2001-10-31
codesc.net\rss11\src\opml.xml 1215 2006-01-09
codesc.net\rss11\src\readme.txt 4355 2005-06-05
codesc.net\rss11\src\RssParser.java 15519 2015-05-07
codesc.net\rss11\src\xml.bat 46 2006-01-09
codesc.net\rss11\src 0 2015-05-07
codesc.net\rss11 0 2015-05-07
codesc.net 0 2015-05-07

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