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Title: 测距码 Download
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  • Other systems
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  • matlab
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  • 2020-09-14
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  • 樱桃ing
 Description: This document is the NATLab program for the ranging code of frequency point B1 of beidou Navigation Second generation system. In order to implement spoofing or suppress spoofing, navigation signals need to be constructed, which lays a foundation for further research.
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北斗测距码MATLAB仿真\BDCACode.asv 1147 2014-03-11
北斗测距码MATLAB仿真\BDCACode.m 1147 2014-03-11
北斗测距码MATLAB仿真\北斗测距码.mat 572 2014-03-10
北斗测距码MATLAB仿真 0 2014-03-18

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