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Title: 二值化 Download
 Description: There are often uneven brightness in images. There is no way to deal with these images by general algorithms. Here is a niblack algorithm that can handle this problem.
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二值化 0 2020-09-07
二值化\100_05.png 3560657 2020-07-27
二值化\200_04.png 3744600 2020-07-27
二值化\kittlerMet.m 1846 2020-08-11
二值化\main.m 609 2020-09-11
二值化\niblack.m 2603 2020-08-11
二值化\otsu.m 1644 2020-08-11
二值化\untitled02.png 103601 2020-08-11
二值化\细丝_50_01.png 3597821 2020-07-20
二值化\针_01.png 3831001 2020-07-20

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