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Title: 三相异步电机静止状态下参数辨识MATLAB仿真模型 Download
 Description: The MATLAB simulation model of parameter identification of three-phase asynchronous motor in static state can identify stator resistance, rotor resistance, leakage inductance and mutual inductance.
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三相异步电机静止状态下参数辨识MATLAB仿真模型\2.bmp 19413630 2019-05-18
三相异步电机静止状态下参数辨识MATLAB仿真模型\IM.jpg 65082 2019-04-26
三相异步电机静止状态下参数辨识MATLAB仿真模型\Motor.slx 39407 2019-08-15
三相异步电机静止状态下参数辨识MATLAB仿真模型 0 2019-08-15

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