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Title: 《图解深度学习》+山下隆义+张弥+密码:GCEDM359 Download
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  • 2019-07-13
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 Description: "Graphic in-depth learning" starts from the development process of in-depth learning. It introduces various methods of in-depth learning from both theoretical and practical aspects, as well as application cases of in-depth learning in image recognition and other fields. The contents are full of pictures and texts, including the improvement of neural network, convolution neural network, restricted Boltzmann machine, self-encoder and generalization ability. The installation and use methods of deep learning tools including Theano, Pylearn2, Caffe, DIGITS, Chainer and TensorFlow are also introduced. As its name implies, the legend of "Graphic in-depth learning" is very rich, clear and intuitive, suitable for all readers interested in in in-depth learning to read.
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《图解深度学习》PDF%2B山下隆义%2B张弥\《图解深度学习》PDF山下隆义.pdf 95192082 2019-04-04
《图解深度学习》PDF%2B山下隆义%2B张弥 0 2019-04-04

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