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Title: Altium Designer绘制原理图PCB封装3D库(常用版) Download
 Description: AD Component Library Packaging Library, suitable for AD10 and above versions, including common devices, IC
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Altium Designer绘制3D元件PCB封装库(常用版) 0 2018-10-18
Altium Designer绘制3D元件PCB封装库(常用版)\PCB封装库.PNG 56939 2018-10-18
Altium Designer绘制3D元件PCB封装库(常用版)\read me.txt 49 2018-10-18
Altium Designer绘制3D元件PCB封装库(常用版)\原理图库.PNG 68592 2018-10-17
Altium Designer绘制3D元件PCB封装库(常用版)\淘宝二维码.png 591 2018-10-18
Altium Designer绘制3D元件PCB封装库(常用版)\电阻-电容-电感.SchLib 211968 2017-06-14
Altium Designer绘制3D元件PCB封装库(常用版)\电阻.PcbLib 6972416 2018-09-16
Altium Designer绘制3D元件PCB封装库(常用版)\电阻直插.PcbLib 1393152 2018-09-16
Altium Designer绘制3D元件PCB封装库(常用版)\电阻贴片.PcbLib 1112576 2018-09-16

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