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Title: 猎鹰35B8.02双策略EA Download
 Description: Falcon 35 EA can trade 35 pairs of currencies at the same time, referred to as Falcon 35B, this EA can meet the needs of different types of traders, but also a real low-risk, high-yield EA (about 30% monthly profit). Strategic Principle: Two strategies are adopted: low-buy, high-sell, high-altitude, low-many and homeopathic billing. High-altitude and low-altitude are mostly used to identify high and low price points by deep calculation in dynamic state, and only do trend direction in one-sided market, while oscillating market is done in many empty places. Homeopathic strategy is to open orders in the callback, and both strategies can be opened at the same time or used separately (double strategy is recommended).
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猎鹰35B8.02双策略EA\Falcon.dll 1839104 2019-07-11
猎鹰35B8.02双策略EA\猎鹰35B.ex4 101206 2019-07-11
猎鹰35B8.02双策略EA\猎鹰35B_8.02说明.docx 45241 2019-07-12
猎鹰35B8.02双策略EA 0 2019-07-12

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