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Title: IMU_calculator_matlab Download
 Description: This function takes the IMU data as the input and returns the plot of x,y,z,theta,phi,psi,u,v,w. %The data is a 7 coloumn matrix with each row representing a reading of the %IMU. %the coloumn should contain the data in the following format: %col data %1 time %2 Ax %3 Ay %4 Az %5 p(angular rate along x) %6 q(angular rate along y) %7 r(angular rate along z) % Initial is a 3x3 matrix containing initial position and attitude % [phi theta psi % u v w % x y z]
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IMU_calculator_matlab 0 2019-06-14
IMU_calculator_matlab\find_position.m 2002 2019-06-13
IMU_calculator_matlab\plot_trajectory.m 1048 2019-06-13
IMU_calculator_matlab\processData.m 2617 2019-06-13

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