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Title: Otsu全局阈值处理 Download
 Description: Detailed procedures for image segmentation using the otsu method are described in detail, and the image is segmented by global thresholds.
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Otsu全局阈值处理\localmean.m 179 2019-03-11
Otsu全局阈值处理\localthresh.m 243 2019-03-11
Otsu全局阈值处理\test5fenge.m 801 2019-03-11
Otsu全局阈值处理\tofloat.m 455 2019-03-07
Otsu全局阈值处理\叶片切片.bmp 370574 2019-02-26
Otsu全局阈值处理 0 2019-03-11

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