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Title: 2PSK Download
 Description: 2PSK (full name: binary phase shift keying) is the simplest form of phase shift keying. It uses two carriers whose initial phase is 180 to transmit binary information. So it is also called BPSK.
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2PSK 0 2019-04-13
2PSK\creat_training.m 447 2019-03-23
2PSK\rx_2PSK.m 4508 2019-03-23
2PSK\rx_carrier_recovery.m 3171 2019-03-23
2PSK\rx_frame_sync.m 547 2019-03-23
2PSK\syn_time.m 756 2019-03-23
2PSK\tx_2PSK.m 5562 2019-03-23

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